Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My visit to Chaumet museum Paris

 My visit to Chaumet museum Paris ,

  The museum of Chaumet is not open to the public all the year ,i had the privilege to be invited  through a very good friend ,and i am so thankful for this privilege .

   My visit  was full of inspiration ,emotions and happiness.
as soon as i entered the hall  through the glass elevator that links the shop to the museum  i felt like my breath will go away

  The walls were telling millions and millions of stories ,an artistic history ,a place where art was born and created.
  The first room is a salon ,it was also the place where Frederic Chopin stayed to play and compose .
his piano was so beautiful ,i kept thinking how lucky i am to see all this .

It made me wonder about  all those ,artists ,sculptures ,architects ,and painters that worked ,imagined and conceptualized this amazing place.

  It seems that it all started in 1780 where a small jeweler Marie -Etinne Nitot (one of  the founder members  of Chaumet Jewelry ) has saved the life of the emperor Napoleon,and since then the emperor trusted Mr. Nitot with the realization of the crown jeweleries .

But this is only a part of very long story ,its the  history of Chaumet
 I met also the director of the museum Mrs Beatrice De Plinval who passionately explained the treasury of this museum

  In 2004 the public discovered this museum ,through the temporary exhibition ("Napoleon amoureux") that the Chaumet maison presented.
This is where  a collection of 150 maquette of crowns and hair jewelry  that was made in the history of Chaumet ,one of the sets that was made for the empress Josephine .along with an archive of 80 000 design.

 the portraits of the empresses that the house of Chaumet created the crown jewelry

a visit to remember .
It took me through a journey of history ,dream ,art and luxury 


  1. How extremely fortunate you are to have seen this wonderous place. I am so looking forward to my first visit ti Paris and behaps I will also be so fortunate.

  2. Yes indeed i am aware of that, this museum opens for the public once a year i guess, i hope it will be open during your visit to France, good luck and have a nice trip.

  3. I pondered to myself recently what were the most important things in my life. The answer seems to be clear that art was up there in importance. Why? Frankly, I don't really know. May be someone here can enlighten me?
    As was my wont w
    hen I have some free time, I browsed the marvelous site,, where they keep thousands of digital images for customers to select to have printed into handsome canvas prints for their homes.
    This image jumped out to jolt my reveries: Still life with bread, by the Cubist Georges Braque. Is art like this picture, as essential as bread and water, or should I say bread and wine?


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