Saturday, August 25, 2012

Folk and Primitive Art from around the world

Histoires de voir " Show and tell"

The Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, presents the exhibition Show and tell " Histoires de voir " from May 15 and will be on until 21 October 2012 .
It is a must see exhibition, so much to discover and to learn about tribal and contemporary art.
The exhibition features the work and the stories, of more than 50 artists from around the world, they are Brazilians,Indians,Congolese, Haitian, Mexican, Danish, Japanese and American.
It is interesting to see how those artists developed their talents in uncommon circumstances, they are self thought or the art was passed to them from generation to another.Even though they are considered a naif arts, primitive art, you can feel that there is deep meaning into their work, and lots of spirituality, most of these artists don't live from their artwork, they have another job to help them survive.
Intriguing life stories, how they learned and developed their talent, their believes and spirituality, their resilience,their patience, and passion for their art . there is a lot we can learn from these artists .

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos, but you can find lots of documentary on the Cartier foundation site, and of course why not go and visit the exhibition .

Every work of art was very impressive, it is an expression of the artists life, surrounding, and their struggle through their arts 
All the artists were just extraordinary, I will talk to you about some of them and let you discover the rest .

Antonio de Dede : from Brazil, his father was a carpenter and he learned how to make his own toys with wood at a very young age.

Hans Sherfig from Danemark, he paints mostly nature on big format, loved his colors

the works of the Artist jangarh singh Shyam : was discovered by the late, painter J.Swaminathand, painting the huts of Patangarh village in 1981.
Jangarh singh Shyam, had a particular artist life, married at the age of 13 for love, succeed in art world, he participated in art festivals and shows around the world , and sadly suicides at the age of 37 .

Allesandro Mendini, great Italian artist, he likes mixing different cultures and different forms of expression,He has been awarded several international prizes, including the Compasso d'oro in 1979 and in 1982. He holds an honorary title from the Architectural League of New York as well as the title of "Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres" from the French Republic.
 For this exhibition he created a mini cathedral, but when you u look inside of it you will some kind of idol, very interesting project.

On the underground level of this exhibition you will find
The warli paintings, a traditional, mural painting that is done by white pigment it is a mixture of rice past and water with gum as a binding, it seems it was a ritual paintings that, and only married women used to do it with very basic graphics, circles, triangles, squares etc. things they see in the nature .
U can discover more on Warli painting on this site .

Mamadou Cisse : he is a night guard and in order to chase away his boredom he sketches , his work is just so impressive and very colorful.

Gregorio Barrio, from Mexico, his work is just so outstanding, he uses thousands of little colored beads to create different animals head motives, just so amazing, i could stand hours gazing at his work and it wouldn't be can see his work by clicking on his name link.

I will let you discover the rest of the artists exhibiting by yourself


  1. Sounds very interesting! Would be nice if they can come to Dubai

  2. Yes Nada,it is very interesting, they should come to Dubai also, specially there is lots of exhibitions going on there all the time and from around the world, so who knows.

  3. Je confirme, c'était une superbe exposition. Ravie de l'avoir visitée avec toi Maria !


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