Friday, January 15, 2016

it's ok to color outside the lines ...

keeping a journal or a blog is a always a way to pressure yourself into keeping up with your resolutions .
The other day I was organizing my art space and I stumbled on many nice sketch books, they are cute from the outside, but they are totally blank.
So I decided hey why don't i take the challenge into filling these blanks ?
Do you know that one of the big fears of artists including me, is filling the blanks ? putting colors into white paper... But once the first step it there, once the first color is put, somehow this fear will fade and expression will come.

My Challenge will be keeping an art journal for a certain amount of time, and show you my illustrations, ideas, sketchs... everything that comes to my mind even if its very raw,
and since it's really intimidating to do so i will name the project " It's ok to color outside the lines "

Yes it is ok to color outside the lines, it's ok to make mistakes,  it's ok to make a mess, it is ok ..... The most important thing is the self expression, dare to face your fears, dare to take the first step , dare to create, and you will see everything is gonna be ok .

" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step "

I invite you all to share this journey in my daily art expression, the first project will be until the end of january .
Don't to share your thoughts and arts in the comments below .

Enjoy the journey


  1. looking forward to see all your sketches!

  2. Thank you Chanty, I am glad you do, and can't wait to share more and more


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