Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The skillful hands of Vietnam

One of the most inspiriting places I visited during my trip to Vietnam was the " Chan-Thien-My Company  Co, Ltd "

It was surprise for me as I didn't know we are going there, as soon as we landed I was mezmerised by the beauty and the diversity of the work of art from the entrance till the workshop.
Outside in the yard hundreds and hundreds of beautiful marble sculptures, from different sizes and shapes, and when you enter inside you can see a huge workshop with lots of artists working in between again hundreds of hundreds of radiant and colorful embroidery work from one side and lacquer painting from the other side .

The embroidery was so realistic that at first glance you think its an oil painting but as you approach it you realize that its all done with embroidery. What makes this place unique is that we can see how the artists are working, with which materials and we can put a face on the artists behind a painting .
So many emotions arises when you witness how to work is done and all the meticulous skills needed to create a certain piece, the environment is artistic .
I have been submerged with colorful work of art and couldn't stop looking and admiring .

 On the other side of the workshop there were the lacquer artists they use egg shell in to there paintings it was amazing to explore the material they were using and also all those beautiful lacquer painting.

Laquer painting with egg shell introduced into the painting 

This place is so magical, later I discovered that there is many branches of this workshops, the company name means ( The true, The good and the beautiful company ) , it has a great mission which is providing vocational training and jobs to disable people .
It was founded in 1996 and has more than 600 artists whom have been trained free of charge and given a stable jobs . I thought it was an amazing concept, when I entered the workshop I didn't see people with special needs i just saw skillful hands and great talents.
I am so greatful that these kind of companies exist.
My visit to this place was very inspirational and it left me with lots of emotions .
I highly recommend you to visit this place if you go to Vietnam

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