Monday, March 21, 2011

The Story of my De Beers Award

Its November 21 -2007 my name was called on the stage , i am in chock , i cannot believed it , i step on the stage receive a De Beers award for the best Rayana design ,at the first diamond jewelry competition.
I don't remember much but the lights, too much flash lights, the place was so crowded with guests, reporters and camera men .
Suddenly as if everything went on mute and i am thinking to myself when did this happened ?? how did this happened ?? why?? did i ever plan for this ? how i managed to receive a such an important award ? .Thousand and thousands of questions went through my mind , happy and excited ...
It clicked to me, I went couple of years back as if time stopped right there, as if i was in a movie...
It all started with an argument with mam .Yes i remember now, my first year at the medical school i run away within couple of months and turned into clinical psychology after long negotiations with mam, psychology was a compromise between art school and medical school, which was also something i enjoyed a lot but not really satisfying the family standard, and of course we know best in the Lebanese society the prejudice they have on the studies we decide to make and of course more on the artistic studies. I hope it is changing now .

Mam who always dreamed to have me a as a doctor was very disappointed of my decision but she is a mam and she wants the best for her daughter, despite her disappointment, she enrolled me to an art school along with my university studies, in the beginning i thought it was a fine art school  and was thrilled to it, said to myself finally my dream will come true, and mam is believing in my talent, I attended the class to discover that it was a jewelry designing courses very disappointed went back home and argued with mam and complained about her decision, I was very angry . Never imagined back then that one day, jewelry will become a passion and a dream job for me .
Mam replied to me very calmly, listen my Daughter today your father and I, have done everything we can to educate you and your sisters, but you never know what happens in life in addition to your university diploma , we want to give you a handcraft art so that you can  use your talent effectively if you needed so, we want to make sure that we have done everything we can to give you a solid future. Of course i was very angry at that time i didn't really listen to her and didn't appreciate her advice yet continued my classes and excelled in both jewelry designing and psychology  i was not rebellious and i am so grateful for that , and time passed so quickly...

Suddenly i came back to reality, it was noisy mam was in Lebanon and couldn't attend the event, i felt a pain in my heart and my stomach , i felt like i needed to apologist to mam right away to hug her and to kiss her hands and to thank her a million times for her wisdom, for her patience, for her advices, for her unconditional love . And to tell her "Dear mam i am here today because of all your efforts to guide me, i wouldn't have succeeded in my life if you were not there for me each and every step of the way " .

There was so many reporters interviewing me and asking me so many questions about my career, and taking photos but i was rushing to leave the event and call mam , i cried from happiness and thanked her alot and of course i was so greatful that i really had the chance to know how lucky i am to have a such a great mam like mam.

 I love you mam , you are the greatest mam on earth , and may God keep you always safe and healthy to us
 Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.

Happy Mothers Day 
to you and to all the mothers on earth .


  1. Beautiful! Well done and God Bless your Mam and all Mams! :-)

  2. I love it,so touching,it made me cry...

  3. Thank you Mich and Andrea for your lovely comments.

  4. THIS IS LIKE MY FAVORITE BLOG post i read in your blog YOU ROCK !

  5. Thank you Krikorian, your opinion counts.


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