Friday, August 24, 2012

Glass Jewelry by Dana Kranz

Meeting, Dana Kranz
An art  boutique cached my attention during my visit to Malta, even though I was in a hurry  that day, couldn't stop myself from taking a sneak peak at what this beautiful boutique had inside, colorful beads, jewelry, and " vitrail "art  then at the end of the shop there was Dana, behind her small atelier, I asked her if this is  her work, with a big smile on her face she said yes, then she started explaining to me how she manually creates this beautiful glass beads, I liked her work but what i liked the most is Dana's personality so open and passionate about her art, usually not all artists want to talk about their techniques in details, she even proposed to show me how she creates her beads if i come back in the after noon, time was running out and I had to rush to my next destination, with the determination to come back again.

Dana studied 3 years porcelain and glass painting for 3 years in Germany , then moved to Gozo to set up her business, she has a shop Glass line in Savina square , and also another workshop in Qala , where she creates her stained glass, handmade jewelry, glass painting and other souvenir items
For more information on Dana's work you can visit her website :


  1. Thank you Maria, for sharing this beautiful glasswork. You reminded me of our trip to Malta years ago. I fell in love with their creative colorful glass (especially the decorative plates, lamp shades)... It's such a unique country. Loved the boats with the eyes (they say that it is after the phoenician tradition)...

  2. Hi Dear thank you so much for your comment, yes these people are very creative, they have also the hand made crochet which is great, but the traditional boats with the eyes didn't know it came from the Phoenician tradition, they say it is to protect the sailors from evil or something like that, i will make more searches about it.
    I took plenty of photos of those boats, will share it later with another post.
    By the way loved your blog.

  3. Hello Maria, thank you so much for sharing my work and shop in you blog- I love the photos you did and even the video- first time I see myself making beads from that perspective! Hope you had a nice stay in Malta- next time come a bit longer! :-) Many greetings from Gozo...

  4. Dear Dana, your most welcome, it was a great pleasure meeting you and discovering your art, and hope to meet you again one day, who knows


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