Sunday, January 16, 2011

Le Cirque Du Soleil -Saltimbanco

     It all started with two street performers Guy Laliberte & Daniel Gauthier Cirque Du Soleil   "Circus of the Sun ",initially called " Les Échassiers".
 The beginning was in  1980 in Canada ,as a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment 

    Yes its been more then quarter of a century ,but with each and every year this cirque will keep taking the breath away from thousands and thousands of audience around the world.
  A magical production of live theatrical, acrobatics art ,music it what you want ... name it Art .
I cannot define it in one word .
A trip around different scenarios of life and the wild .
    Today i had to be in one of those shows "Saltimabanco " this show was one of the first couple shows created by the "Cirque du Soleil ".
It was created in 1992 with a specific  theme  "the cosmopolitan  urbanism ".
This is to date the longest running show that has ever produced by the Circus .It run for 15 years .
   My luck was to see  the restaged show here in France in the Palais omnisports of Paris -Bercy   with a capacity of 17 000 peoples ,the place was almost full .

The show was impressive ,amazing ,artistic ,breath taking ,funny and beautiful.

 As i am curious about how all this thing can be put together ,made me think about all the artistic and creative ARMY behind such a work .

-writers ,directors
-artistic guides
-costume designer
-Make up designer
-Set & Props designer 
-Lighting designer
-Sound designer
-acrobatic performance designer 
-Music Composer
and of course there are many others ,working on each and every detail to make that happen

its a joy to see such a performance ,and exhibition of such multi talent facets of a show knowing that start for many years was not easy.

here are some photos and some links and videos,meeting the designers ,and exploring behind the scenes

Videos, Wallpapers and photos | Cirque du Soleil | OVO

its a must see show each and every year

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  1. Maria, this group is my absolute favorite of all time. They are just amazing! Such a combination of art, music, and the strength! Thank you for posting :-)


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