Thursday, March 31, 2016

Central Art Fair - Part 2

As promised part 2 of the Central Art fair, as i said before there were so many things to see, and this kind of fair should be visited on multiple days, but I only went for the last day luckily, so all my informations and appreciations had to be condensed, but I loved every bit of it.

Wolfgag Stiller, loved his work, he is a german artist seing his sculptures lives is much more expressive than my photos here, but I had to share it with you because it really impressed me, his work is very beautiful.
This series of sculptures is called " the matchsticks " his art has deep meaning,  the life sized burnt down matchsticks with human heads represent how a person can be burnt out and left behind in a society that only focuses on economics and growth.
His work is inspired a lot from the buddhist philosophy .

Click the link below for more images about Stiller's work on the internet, as it will show you a clear images about the details of the head of his sculptures.
more images 

Isabel Beyel,  the first thing I noticed  while reading her biography, after I saw her work was " Autodidact " Self taught and suddenly, I was thinking out loud you see I need to see more of this self-taught artist meaning there is no excuse in fulfilling your dream no matter what.

Isabel Beyel, is a german self-taught artist who studied law and worked in human resources. Sounds a bit like me I studied clinical psychology and became a jewelry designer.
in 2003 Beyel decided to pursue her true passion and started to work as a contemporary artist, she developed a new technique based on a mixture of painting and mixed media that looks like a 4D art.
I loved her work, here is the link where you can see her work in detail .

Han Young-Wook is an amazing, Korean artist, he is just great, he doest unbelievable realistic portrait with a very special technics which consist using oil on aluminum and scratching for the details. The paintings were so impressive, I tried to take a close up photo to show the detail of the scratch. His paintings can really make you heart beat so fast, it is just so amazing. Frankly I couldn't quite understand the technics that he is using but surely I was amazed by the realistic details  he puts into his work, plus his paintings are huge .
I am so in love with his work, if you look at the details in the eyes it is simply astounding work of art. love it, love it, love it.

Oil on aluminium, Scratch
259 x 260 cm
Galerie Bhak

I also found this amazing article on design mix site with many great paintings of Han Young-Wook,  its really worth sharing with you guys it features quality photos of many other paintings that I didn't see in the fair.

The following sculptures were done the Artist Gary Betts  you can find the full range of his sculptures, I wish i managed to take better photos but it was too crowded and I had to be close to the sculpture for the photo.

Sitting Deer Woman
Artist : Gary Betts
Cube Gallery
Sitting dog man
Artist : Gary Belts
Cube Gallery

Manolos Valdés, is a Spanish artist, who creates work art with mixed media, paint and he also does sculptures.
His art is a form of  expression combined with political and social obligations message with a sense of humor and irony 
I saw his work of art at the end of the show, he had huge paintings, loved the vivid colors and the mixed media he used 

Manolo Valdés
Retrato en carmin y amarillo
oil on canvas
165h x 120w cm
Galerie Forsblom

Manolo Valdés
Dama con abanico
Oil on burlap
244h x 188w cm 

Manolo Valdés
Mariposas Doradas
81h x 86w x 54d cm

 I enjoyed sharing my visit with you, It made me discover more about all those great artists, each one of them has more than one talent and looking up for their work is amazing journey of discovery.

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