Wednesday, March 30, 2016

keeping up with the Resolutions

It is indeed a great year, as I promised myself lots of artistic creations and expressions, even though I am not sharing with you as much as I want too but I am working hard on my artistic projects and visiting a lots exhibitions .
From the beginning of my year I have been blessed with meeting a succession of great people and artists, who inspired me, guided me and advised me.
It is just so amazing when you decide to take things in hand and make your own path, how things can change around you,  and how somehow you end up meeting the right persons, being in the right place at the right time.

I noticed asking questions also helps, I was having a nice conversation with a friend the other day and she said  " if you start asking the right questions, you will end up finding the right answers " isn't those words so powerful ?  "you will end up finding the answers ". I thought it was great.

There is something else that changed in me since I took my resolutions, well I am finding more ways to motivate myself,  we all know and heard that 90 % of the people will let go of their new years resolution in just couple of weeks of months. My biggest cheerleader in my life was my mom, she used to always say " you can do it " but mom that's so hard, she would answer no you will see "YOU CAN DO IT " and i used to always end up believing her and make it happen, but my mom is angel now she can't physically be here for me, so it was hard for me, but now i am determined of being my own cheerleader,  so  now every day when I wake up in the morning I listen to a motivational podcast or read something positive, and it is just great, it's amazing that when you keep filling your ears and your mind with motivational and positive messages  your life drastically changes,  and even your perception of life changes .

I know art is filling my life, art is making me alive again and it always did. so hopefully in the coming weeks i will share more and more from what I am doing .
Cheers and keep up with your resolutions .

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