Sunday, March 27, 2016

Art Central, contemporary art Fair PART 1

    It's art week in Hong Kong, while it was a busy month for me on a professional level, finally today I got the chance to visit " ART CENTRAL" thanks to my friend who invited me to see the show.
"Art Central" is contemporary art fair,  this year it was the second edition of the show that welcomed over 100 galleries from 21 countries.

Seing other's people's art is always resourceful, every person in life needs to fill his soul with some kind of art, everything in life is art, every aspect of it is about design, colors and creations.
So here is a glimpse of what caught my eyes in todays show.


I loved this sculpture, made from gold bronze " The great jumper ".
It is the work of the artist Jiang Shuo and Wu Shaoxiang both contemporary sculptors.

This angelic face sculpture is done by Li Wei & Liu Zhiyin  I loved the concept, it is so smooth and you can't get enough from looking at it.
the sculpture name : "Waiting still in the night "
 Cast copper with Chemical stain
65 x 45 x90 cm

This sculpture really impressed me, at the beginning I thought to myself what's wrong with me, i am seing blurred but no the sculpture has a blurred effect, really loved it so much .
This is done by the Korean sculptor Xooang Choi while i don't personally like his other sculptures that features mutations and body part, this one was really interesting
The sculpture was made with a material bokeh rendered in polymer clay .
The name of the sculpture : Wriggle, oil on resin, 94x31x23 cm


The walk, oil in resin, 83x31x40cm

Francesco e L'elephante

And then I discovered this artist amazing sculptor, he is Stefano Bombardieri, loved, loved his work , I just kept roaming around the sculptures checking them from each angle, I have never seen sculptures represented in this way.
After some research I also discovered that Stefano Bombardieri also loves to work with huge size sculpture 

Gorille Debout 3/8
34x24x35 cm

 you can find the work of Bombardieri at "Mark Hachem" Gallery , they also feature other great artists that were exhibiting at the show which I will talk about in another blog posts so stay tuned.

Dimension container 
wedge wood 
35x20x20 cm

" Sitting and being Well-Versed in the east and the West "
Wenge wood, Ming dynasty- Style round-back armed chair
60x70x98 cm
the second chair is victorian period palace style chair : 44x55x107cm
interconnecting chains: 270cm
wood blocks 2 pieces ;44x36x30cm

I was interest by the detail of these sculptures are made of wood by the Artist Ye Sen ,  the detail of the carved chains is impressive, Ye Sen's work is informed by traditional Chinese philosophies and carving techniques.

This will be all for today's post, as i saw many artists and i would love to talk about them in another post.
Thanks for sharing this artistic trip with me

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