Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Oil painting project

It is amazing how when you allow yourself to relax and go with the flow of your creations, how much you realize there are some things you thought it was impossible for you to make and yet you manage to make them.
It's all related to my new year resolution, more creation more art. It's been a while i met this wonderful artist who has a very discreet atelier in discovery bay, from time to time i used to go there to buy some art stuff and try to take a look at what was going on, and finally i took to step to enroll to one of her art class when she told me just come over we will have fun. And let me tell you I am having a blast and discovering new potential and new techniques .

here is my new challenge its a portrait of a child sepia colors.

It was very stressful as i started sketching my subject i realized that i have chosen a hard one, i was considering to change the subject, then the teacher said just try a bit more, and then you can change if you dont like.
today was my second session, the oil painting medium is really a nice medium can't wait to finish this project

we all need a good teacher in life, we can't learn enough, it is amazing just how little guidance from my teacher helped me  manage the brush technique to have this effect.

session 3 

Session 5

I am enjoying so much my classes in this cozy atelier, can't wait to finish my project 

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