Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creation,Design & Production


it all starts from a dream ,and then a dream becomes an idea and the idea becomes a reality
in order to create i need to get inspired fashion and nature has always been a major source of inspiration to me ,even though i get inspired by everything around, i always  love to dream about stories specially
love stories 
so this is how i come up with a draft sketches ,but not to mention that designing needs to be nourished
therefore it is very important to do lots of research and stay updates 

 Diamond Selection
The connection between the initial design and the final product consist  in choosing the right material ,in terms of gold and gemstones etc..,it is not an easy process delicacy is needed.
Here i am working on the diamond selection for one of the designs ,selecting the right stones for the right design is one of the most challenging things to do in the process of the selection as sometimes we don't have the stock of stones for the designs so we work on adjusting the designs according the stock or vice versa

Feasibility of the Design   
After finishing the technical design ,we meet with the manufacturer to see the feasibility of the design
this is also one of the hard parts because if the design is a bit particular it might be nice but technically not possible to produce we study different techniques to realize it ,this is where a good craftsman are needed 
its a whole process ,a good designs is always completed with a good production

 Quality check 

here we reached the final steps of a jewelry piece ,well during production ,a designer must go and visit the factory to see if the production is going according to what he visualized  when he made the design and we call this step quality control .

Beautiful piece of Jewelry
and at the end of all this process we have  a beautiful piece of jewelry

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