Saturday, November 27, 2010

365 Days of my life in France -Day 9

365 Days of my life in France 

 and here is a new page in  my life 
i want to document one memory in a photo 
each day for 365 days .
its a big challenge but it is worth it
capturing a beautiful moment and keeping it with you 
is just so amazing it is like a story for every day
Le Chou Romanesco
Marche De Boulogne

 Romanesco broccoli was first documented in Italy in the sixteenth century. It is sometimes called broccoflower,


  1. Woww! What is that? Beautiful picture :-)

  2. thanks for asking,we saw this vegetable this morning in the marche de has a nice geometric shape.but didn't dare to ask what is it because the sales person didn't like the idea of me taking the shot ,so i did some search and it turned out that it is an Italian broccoli i added the link you can check it out .

  3. wow...absolutely love this....good work :)

  4. Thank you dear ,i feel i am getting good at close up photos ,but i am having pbs with photos during the night if i use too much iso i have noisy photo ,so still practicing to get it right

  5. wow.. interesting lookin vegetable.. wat is it called???


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