Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Love with Paris through the eyes of Monet

Close your eyes for a while and imagine that you cannot open them anymore.
How does it feel?

When I was 8 years old my Uncle experimented this with me, by closing my eyes and asking me the same question.

 This is when I learned how precious my eyes are, and how much I am blessed to be able to see.

Now in this busy life have we ever took a moment to count our blessings and see how lucky we are instead of complaining about everything …..
Well hold on a minute, look around you and observe 

You are so lucky

It is all about the way we SEE

2 days ago I saw the work of Claude Monet in real for the first time.
 I saw the beauty of the nature through his eyes, it was amazing.

 I kept thanking God to bless me with my sight so that I can see that beautiful work of art.
  Seeing it live is totally different feeling then seeing it in books.

From time to time I looked around to see that I was not the only one amazed by his work but a lot s people who came from around the world and waited in lines for hours to be able to go inside to museum just to see.

My first visited was in the Museum of Le Grand Palais in Paris, where they have gathered over 200 of his work from French and foreign museums.
I can tell you I was speechless and very happy

Claude Monet ,also known as Claude Oscar Monet ,was the original founder and practitioner of the French Impressionist movement in painting. Some of his best known works includes Impression ,Sunrise, Water Lilies , and Haystacks 

People couldn’t understand his art at that time , and he was rejected many times by the committee of the exhibitions gallery, his art was different 
and everything different is intimidating
It is funny because if we look at the price of his paintings now we will be amazed ,just last February 2009 his painting “Dans La Prairie “ was sold in London during the Christie’s Auction for  12 .4 million Euro ,the irony of life.

Monet loved nature and studied the light you can see his painted the same landscape in different times of the day amazing work of art 

Monet gave me a light in my soul, and a great happiness
It is great to feel and see the Art through the eyes of other 

when i went to the museum of the Orangerie ,there it was a different world ,i just sat and gazed into the amazing Nympheas painting 

Now if you happened to be in France or heading to come here soon
Here are the places you can go and visit Claude Monet‘s work

The Grand Palais in Paris will host a major exhibition of Claude Monet’s art from September 22, 2010 to January 24, 2011.

The museum chosen and arranged by Claude Monet to
Showcase his “testamentary” masterpieces as “Unique in its genre”. The Nymphéas, amazing to see

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