Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Best Shots Photography


  1. Thanks Chantal ,this is my new hobby now i am trying to teach myself how to freeze moments that i like ,i hope i will improve ,and you amazing friend you always follow my work ,thank you so much

  2. Very nice shots Maria, Keep it up!

    what Camera/Lens are you using?

  3. Great shots Maria! Love the reflections and autumn leaves :)

  4. HI Guys thanks for the comments ,many people asked me the same question what lens i am using ,well as i already said i am new at this ,my camera is a semi prefesional camera .
    the model is SONY DSC-H50 ,i don't change the lens it is automatic.
    Nada the view was just so amazing ,this is my favorite place in France ,when you are there you just forget that you are from this world
    it is called the Boulogne Forest .amazing place ,this was used before by the kinds of France to hunt bears.

  5. Loving your blog and thanks for the follow at Mich Cafe. Are you on twitter?? :-)


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