Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Sculptures - Les trois Grâces

 Les trois Grâces

The Three Graces is a Neoclassical sculpture, in marble,by Antonio Canova’s
 they are the mythological three charites, daughters of Zeus that represents beauty, charm and joy.
 many versions of the 3 graces was done by many artists and  painter.

and here is my version of it ,i choose to redo the three Grace in sculpture ,and see how far i can reach ,it was a great experience ,took me about 9 hours to finish it ,and now waiting for 15 days so that i can cook it ,but couldn't wait to share it so here are some photos .

and here is the final touch


  1. WAW did this ?? that is soooooo cool!!
    Miss uuuu by the way!!

  2. Chantal thanks ,yes i did it ,i am kind of enjoying this a lot,today i just started a new one ,but very difficult because we are using a live model ,and we have to finish also in 9 hours ,so i hope it will be good too
    i miss you a lot too,thanks for following my work.


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