Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Land of Magic

   No matter how old you grow there is always a part of you wants to go back to your childhood.
A place where your worst nightmares was dreaming about someone eating your ice cream,or your favorite chocolate.
A place where everything seemed nice, funny, happy.
A place where everything is a beautiful fairy tail.
Dreams of colors and stars and imaginary characters.
And  no matter how you grow whether you like it or not , when you are in this place, you go back long years of your life, you will put a big smile of on your face, and explore this fairy place, just like a child.

The land of magic Disney Land .
There has been so many tragedies lately around the world ,so this article will be a gateway from all this sad and ugly reality.

   In the beginning i was wondering in which section to put this article, in the art or trips, but i guess this combines both art and adventures together.
As an artist i perceive this place or even all the industry of cartoons animation, a great minds of creation.
Those people were geniuses, artistically ,technically, psychologically .
It is not easy to affect the mind and the soul of huge number of people,and to take them in a journey of imagination.
Some of us stays many years collecting items of his/her favorite characters, just because a part of him/her wants to stay in that peaceful happy place . It is a kind of escape from the real world to remind the self, that there is a good place and it can be, if we really believe in it .
 And  that sometimes we need to be in that pure, harmless place, for the sake of our sanity.
The idea of creating this park came to Walt Disney while he was visiting the amusement parks with his daughters including the high demand of the parents of the children back then who were asking to go visit the house of Mikey and Mini.
Sometimes children can be a great inspiration
I am glad that places like this exists and wish  all the children around the world would be able to see it once in there life.
I know that is not possible to all of them, but each child deserve to be in this place, and deserves a happy childhood .
hope that one day our world will be a better place, until then keep dreaming because dreams do come true if you really believe.
And whenever you feel stressed or sad, just watch cartoons it will cheer you up.

 So what do you think about the world of fairy and cartoon character ? and what is your favorite character from the Disney world ?

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