Monday, June 6, 2011

Jean-Louis Raina :Great Artist -Sculptor,Exhibition at Landowski, 3 mai - 26 June

   So impressed by his work, I have already visited the exhibition 4 times, and the last time couldn't help it, I took my camera and decided that i will share it, because the Work of Jean-Louis Raina cannot only be described by words we have to see it, we have to feel it.

    Born in 1929, In the Alpes de Haute-provence , Sculptor who lives and works in Boulogne-Billancourt France for more than 50 years now.

Some the materials he uses for his art

Exhibition Raina started in 3 mai and will exhibit until 26 June
Location: 28,avenue Andre-Morizet,At boulogne Billancourt
At the Lobby of  Landowski


  1. Hey Maria,
    I'm one of Jean-Louis Raina's grand-daughter, and I just found out your page about his exhibition last year. Are you the photogrpaaher of those photos? Because they're absolutly amazing. I posted the link to this page on my facebook, my dad saw it, and showed it to my grandpa, and he was amazed by the quality of your photos and therefore, we were wondering if you think that it could be possible to have them (nobody took better photos than that from the exhibition!)...
    Please let me know :)
    Do you speak french?
    Best to you

  2. Dear Mariett, thank you so much for your message, i am glad you liked my photos, and i am glad to meet a member of the family of Mr. Jean-Louis Raina,i went twice to the exhibition to meet him but unfortunately didn't have the chance.I don't mind passing the photos, it will be my pleasure, et oui je parle le francais, si vous etes sur france, je peux vous passer les photos, oubien a votre grand pere c'est avec un grand plaisir.Maria


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