Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's day gift & craft idea's

If you are like me and you like making crafts, here are some ideas on what to make to your dad / or husband to make with your children on Father's Day.

My idea is a basket full of goodies that he likes along with couple of hand made crafts to go with it 

1-Small painting :I ❤️ Dad / j'❤️ Papa 

U will need :
-acrylic paints red, white and black
-detail brush and a flat one 
-small easel 
-flat canvas 10 x10 cm
-glue gun  
-varnish spray 

Start by drawing directly on your canvas, or if your not sure make a sketch and then trace it , if your canvas is not pre-gessoed you might as well paint your canvas with a gesso coat .

Start by a simple sketch then draw the shadows

Now enjoy painting ,when your done glue  the canvas on the small easel and your done . Of course done forget to spray your painting with a varnish coat after 3 days to preserve it more . Et voilà

2- A customised note book 

You will need :
-blank note book ( I found those simple ones at the supermarket ) 
-a calligraphy pen 
-pencil to make your design 

You can write anything you like , from simple happy Father's Day like I did in french or simply nice quotes . I think this will make a very sweet gift .
If your not good at calligraphy don't worry art is about fun not perfection just do what comes out .
My mother used to always say :" C'est le geste qui compte " its they gesture that matters not the gift itself .
I am sure what ever you do , it will be much appreciated 

3- mug with a special message 

You will need :
-window markers 
-a mug of your choice 

This on is easy for kids to do plus the markers are washable so if they mess up they can just wash it and start again .

4-basket full of goodies :

You will need :
-a basket , any basket will do  
- your dad's favourite goodies 
-and your hand made crafts 

Put some papers on the bottom of the basket and  you fill it with all your goodies and hand made crafts .
I found this basket in my house I was not using it , so i repurposed it , u can even use a simple box or a nice paper bag to fill all those items . And your gift is ready

Happy fathers Day to all the fathers out there 

Bonne fête des pères à tous les papas 


  1. It looks nice and easy to do! Thank you for the ideas :)

  2. Very nice idea! I enjoy reading your blog. I would be glad if you visit my blog.


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