Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Diamond Ring & its Symbolism

Being proposed by the love of your life is one of the things that every girl or women dreams of .

Because of Love Collection-Scintilla Monaco

          when i was a teenager i always thought that i will meet the good prince charming and we will marry and we will live happily ever after ,but as i grew up and was merged in the wild world of the work ,i started gradually giving up on my teenage white dream , and  started believing that such thing does not exist .Even though my English teacher Miss Eva  used to tell me ,every time i went to visit her year after year " you just have to believe in it and it will happen when you are least expecting it ".
  So one day it happened , on the balcony of my family's mountain house ,my husband knelled on one knee to ask me if i want to share my life with him ,of course i jumped and said YES  even before he finishes what he wanted to say and it was one of the best days of my life.

  I am sharing this, because just at the time when i lost faith in LOVE, i discovered that it exist, we just have to believe and wait for the right person to come along our way at the right moment.
So all of you girls ,women .don't loose hope ................TRUE LOVE DOES EXIST

what a diamond ring has to do with all this story ?
    well some say the tradition of giving a diamond ring as an engagement ring  started in Europe in 1477
with Archduke Maximilian of Austria when he presented the first engagement ring set with a diamond to Marry of burgundy as a symbol of his love ,and later she became his wife in 18 august 1477

Mary of Burgundy
Diamond Ring -Scintilla Monaco

that is why 
A Diamond engagement
ring is the most important piece of jewelry that a man can purchase in his life
and also it is the most significant piece of jewelry that a women can receive

Rialto Collection -Scintilla Monaco

   But the symbolism of diamond goes far beyond this date through centuries  diamond always had different symbolism,it was used as a talisman to ward off evil ,kings and rich people  used to wear it for protection during war 
they also believed that the diamond has purification powers

where the Diamond name comes from ?
    the name diamond derived from the Greek name Adams ,that means unconquerable

Ancient Greek ,believed that the diamonds were tears from their gods.

Cupid -the god of love
  in Roman mythology , Cupid the god of love who used to shoot god's and humans with his golden arrow to make them deeply fall in love ,had on  his arrow tips  a small diamond ,because the diamond used to deepen ones love ,and was believed that it was splinters from the stars

Diamonds has a magical world of their own ,full of charm ,today we use it  as symbol of eternity and love ,but in fact diamonds as the song says : are forever
 ,they have been used for all kind and different symbolism throughout the years and centuries .


  1. Thank you Maria for this lovely post & keep up the good work :D

  2. My friends are asking, are the rings your design??

  3. Yes these are my designs for Scintilla Monaco,diamond jewelry company
    this is their site :

  4. Good work with your blog Maria.. keep it up and greetings to G

  5. Hassan Thank you so much for your comment ,your blog is a great one also ,i check it out from time to time its very advanced :)

  6. I have just stumbled on you by chance, I love Scintilla design, I have a seven stone ring, three oval four pears, and a pendant necklace to match - not sure if you designed them and don't know the style names, but I had them as gifts back in 2005 and 2006. Thank you anyway for such lovely designs

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for appreciating our designs,
    I am glad you are enjoying your lovely pieces from Scintilla.


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