Monday, October 4, 2010

Bridal Gowns & Cultures around the world

Grace Kelly

A white Dream 

As i always used to dream of my prince charming ever since i was a kid ,along with it i had another dream.

  A White Wedding Gown .

Wedding Gowns By Rosa Clara

I had different visions of it throughout  the years,trying to imagine it and visualize it  ,I always used to sketch puffy dresses even when i started working as a jewelry designer you could  always  find wedding dresses on my sketch books and my mood boards.

     of course most of us thinks Big Day means white dress ,I thought so until  January 2008 when i went to India to attend one of my very close friend's wedding
when she was showing me her wedding dress it was an extravagant golden beaded but vivid red maroon  color
To my surprise I asked her isn't wedding dress should be white ,she said no for us it should be colored
this is a how i realized that a white dream for me might not be white for other girls ,it might be Red ,blue ,colorful ,well any color you can imagine

This is how i knew  that the color ,style and the ceremonial importance of the gown really depends of different cultures and  religion

The traditional wedding attire usually consist of Saris or Gahagra's  in Red and white ,of course here we are talking cultural because the wedding dress can depend also from religion point of view it can be different it color

so the red color here symbolize fertility ,wealth and purity ,in the leading days up to the ceremony the bride's hands and feet are painted with henna ,this decoration is called mehendi which we will also find in different cultures

In Ireland ,the brides often wears dresses in Blue or white with blue ,because this color is considered as a lucky color

A traditional Scottish wedding dress features tartan ,in ribbons trimming a white dress ,in a shawl around the shoulders or in a sash around the waist  

The African bridal dress are made of bright cheerful colors including a hear piece called a gele

In Japan the Bride wears colorful a  Kimono

The most essential element for Chinese wedding attire and decorations is the color Red ,it symbolize the good luck ,safety ,wealth and protection from the bad spirits.

     Of course I only spoke about couple of countries ,but there are lots of different countries with different bridal Gown traditions and colors  around the world , that I will speak about in upcoming posts so stay tunes :)


  1. that is a very interesting post Maria, will be looking forward to see the next ones :)

  2. So beautiful of the vintage wedding dresses, I looks so elegant and classic, I think it must be choosed by many women who want to have a romantic wedding party.

  3. Thanks Jessie for the link it has nice designs, in my opinion and as i said in my blogpost, each and every women is different, it also depends on her culture.
    So I guess at the end its the mindset and culture that makes the beauty of each and every wedding dress.


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