Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Mixed Media Art 

     Isn't Art Amazing ,and i am not talking here from a point of view of great artists who went to school for 5 years to do it ,art is meant for each and every person.

Art is an expression
Art is a different way of communication between your inner self and your outer self ,
between you and the world 

Art Makes us happy

I will talk about mixed media that made this self expression possible for every body ,and that is  notably  also used in Art therapy ,that i have spoke about it in my previous article 

mixed media ,is  Art using any kind of medium that you need mixed with many other medium into one painting.
Mediums can be ,Acrylic painting ,to spray ,to papers ,news papers,foil paper ,oil painting ,anything that you can imagine putting on your painting u can use

how to do it ?
very simple ,choose your base according to the medium that you have chosen ,it can canvas ,or wood
then start gluing your different media into the base ,use acrylic colors ,or spray to color it

here is a video demonstrating one techniques of Mixed media Art ,don't hesitate to try it out ,and it doesn't have to be exactly the same ,let your hands and imagination leads you ,don't worry about the mistakes sometimes fixing the mistake in a painting makes it more beautiful.
Good luck 

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