Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chambord a master piece of the french renaissance


And so we packed our bags and we headed to Chambor for couple of days, to visit The  biggest chateau from it's time .Le Chateau de Chambord a master piece of the french renaissance.
A castle that holds an amazing panoramic view from the roof-terraces,and a big range of work of arts .
Seeing someones house can make you learn a lot about that person .It is the same for kings except their houses are called palaces they are huge and it says a lot about their personality.
Their taste in architecture and art, where they slept, the cloths the wore, what was their hobbies.
And how carefully they chosen all the details of their house ( Palace ) .
It is the same like any ordinary man who built a house and wanted to decorate it as beautifully as he can .
The king Francois 1st who had a passion for hunting started to build this castle when he was 25 years old .
like many other castle it took many long years to built.
The opinions differs on who designed the castle, some say it was designed by Domenico Da Cortona , other say Philibert Delorme and others say Leonardo Da Vinci .
With a mix of french medieval architecture and Italian structure, the castle was composed of a central keep with four immense bastion towers at the corners .

Once on the top you’ll find yourself surrounded by roofing and chimneys forming a fairytale village, as if suspended in the sky.The feeling of this view is amazing .

 I was amazed by the outstanding double-revolution staircase a double spiral staircase, which two people can go up or down without ever meeting,
here is a 3 D video that explain the architecture design of Castle and the this staircase 

Central staircase

Side Staircase

when you head to the royal  apartments  of François I and Louis XIV  you can find wide range of  works of art and  tapestries from the Renaissance into the XIX th Century .

 The amazing carosse collection of the palace

The estate of chambord is, nowadays the largest enclosed Park throughout the world with 5440 hectares, its size is equivalent to Inner Paris.
This is the  museum to gather what they call the hunting trophie, from all the hunting trips.

And in a castle each and every detail counts here is nicely designed yet funny water drain

Recently some movies were filmed at the Château of Chambord
 "La Dame de Monsoreau"
directed by Michel Hassan and produced by Telfrance, and Marc Rivière’s and
"La Reine et le Cardinal", produced by GTV.


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