Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Premier Awards 2010 -Nominations

    Many of you were waiting the results of the Jewelry competition " Premier Awards 2010 " which was held a few months ago in Bahrain
I was awarded the 1st runner up place for the" Best Innovative design in the category Young Arab Designer", for the piece named "La Spoza"
I would love to take this opportunity to thank all my family, friends, clients, fans, colleagues all over the world for your constant support, for your votes, and for your appreciation of my work.
I would also love to thank Scintilla Monaco‘s Board directors for their great support all the time and for making this happened.
A Special thanks for the Mpp Arabia and the Premier Awards management for sending me the appreciation diploma all the way to France.

I could not have done it without you all. 
Thank you all 

 Vous attendiez tous les résultats du concours de Joaillerie " Premier Awards 2010 " qui s est tenu il y a quelques mois a Bahreïn
La pièce « La Spoza » qui concourrait pour le meilleur design innovant, m’a consacrée 2eme dans la catégorie « Jeunes Créateurs Arabes ».
A cette occasion, je voudrais remercier chaleureusement ma famille, mes amis, clients et collègues de part le monde, pour votre soutien constant, pour vos votes, et pour votre appréciation de mon travail
Je voudrais aussi remercier l’équipe dirigeante de Scintilla Monaco pour sa confiance qui a permis ce résultat
Enfin, je remercie MPP Arabia et le concours Premier Awards pour m’avoir envoyé  le prix jusqu ‘en France

Je n’y serais pas arrivé sans vous
Merci a tous


  1. What a beautiful piece! Mabrouk Maria. So well deserved :-)

  2. Congratulations, Maria !!!
    Looking forward to more of your masterpieces to come ;) Mamiko

  3. MAriaaaaaa...Mabroukkkkkkkkkkkkkk :)

  4. i look forward too Mamiko with all your support.
    Chantal thank you

  5. Congratulations Maria!I'm so happy for you,you really deserve it,your design is soo beautiful and expressive!I was waiting for the results hoping that is you.Good luck for and inspiration for your future designs and we will always support you!Kisses

  6. Gracie tanto amica/o .
    Andrea thank you so much for your lovely comment.

  7. Congratulations Maria... you are very talented person and you deserve it.
    Keep up the good work which inspire us.

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  9. wow....congrats Maria....so happy for you...you are one hell of a designer :).....i feel proud that i worked with you :)
    keep it up!!!

  10. Marlena thank you dear for your comment, i really appreciate ,wish you as well all the success.

  11. Adnan thank you so much ,i feel proud to have worked as well with such a talented graphic Designer like you ,always creative and there to share with everyone your knowledge.
    good luck to you to as well.

  12. Congratulations , Beautiful piece !

    Ricardo Bronfen (Vancox Brazil)

  13. Stefanie merci beaucoup ,a bientot

  14. Mr. Ricardo thank you so much for your comment ,i greatly appreciate it.
    I myself am a big fan of Vancox jewelry ,i remember when i first discovered the brand in Doha jewelry and watch exhibition in qatar ,i was so impressed by the various techniques and the detailed designs
    hope to see you soon in the shows .
    for the people who want to see know more about the brand .
    follow the link
    of just click on Mr.Ricardo name above it will take you direct to the site

  15. I'm happy for your win you really have nice design i see your work on doha expiation you deserve it keep up your good work .

  16. Congratulations Maria.
    What a beautiful design and definitely well deserved award.


  17. Thank you Eric
    Thank you Navid
    thank you for everyone ,i appreciate all your comment ,from lebanon ,Dubai ,doha ,Italy ,Brazil ,Paris ,United States ...
    so happy to have you all,and your joint appreciation here.
    have a great day

  18. Félicitations Maria !!!

  19. congrats dear....all the very best


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