Friday, March 11, 2011

The Person Behind The Lense

  I am a designer and beauty inspires me , weddings are my favorite theme,as you have already noticed, like many other people when i see a successful artist, organization, or a company i always ask myself where did it start from ? how this person came up with the idea ? what is his or her  personality like ? when it all started ?
Well previously on my blog i spoke about  Light and Shadow production as i am a big fan of their work, today i wanted to share with you my curiosity to all those questions .

 Meet the person Behind The lense , Erick Deeb the founder of Light and Shadow Production

As a Photographer / video-grapher / artist of capturing moments like no ordinary persons see, when was the first time you took a camera in your hand ? and discovered that this is what you want to do in life ?

Erick DEEB : "My parents used to tell me that since I was a kid I was always impressed by cameras and always wanted to take photos ..  

In 1991, I have started to work as an assistant with a photographer and in 1994 we opened  my little brother Jose  and I a small studio in Jbeil 

and we started shooting some school events, baptism and weddings…
In 2002, our dream came true, we established light and shadow production and we reached the production world.."

How do you feel after a long session of shooting ?
Erick DEEB : For sure we feel tired especially after a shooting of 16hours but after all we become happy when we see people’s reaction.

I know you are specialized in many aspects of photography  tell me more about  photography during the weddings,the preparations and the essential steps  ?

Erick DEEB : The most important thing is to prepare the materials and we are always aware to be updated with the latest equipment in order to keep the extra artistic and professional touch. 
Furthermore, a group of talented people is always ready for any event ,we always make sure to provide the groom and the bride a friendly, funny environment during their stressed moments on the day they always waited for.
and we make sure not to bother the invitees in the wedding while doing our job.

As a professional what is the most important thing to consider in the photography during the wedding ?

Erick DEEB : the most important thing in photography is how to control the lighting, then how to choose a suitable location and background in addition to the object we are shooting.

Of course there is lots of thing going on behind the scene tell me more about everything.

Erick DEEB : the harmony between each member of the team is very important and everyone must rely on the other because for is team means Together Everyone Achieves More !

Tell me about light and shadow in general ?

Erick DEEB : Light and shadow , located in Beirut, is one of the pioneer companies in wedding and production fields. 
We make sure to provide our customers the most comfortable atmosphere in addition to the professional equipment in any event in Lebanon and all over the world.

Thank you Erick for sharing with us your lovely journey throughout career it is a great inspiration.


  1. Hi Maria! I found this post very interesting, as my best friend is a wedding photography too. I didn't realize weddings are one of your favorite topics.

    I hope you don't mind if I share a link to my friend's wedding photo gallery for you to take a peek. Of course I think he does fabulous work. He is also very warm and caring.

    Enjoy your weekend - Debi

  2. Hi Debi, Thank you for your comment, you are more then welcome to post your friends link, as my blog speaks about people's talent and mainly art
    i checked her site it is really nice she is talented

    have nice week end too

  3. very nice article about one very talented photographer, i had the chance to discuss many technical thing with Erick about photography and he's the ONE, he always inspire me with his photos. keep the good work ERICK.


  4. I guess he is a source of inspiration for many people out there, Thank you Pascal for your comment.

  5. waw love it thanx for the post!

  6. ps: roula the anonymous ;)


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