Tuesday, April 19, 2011

365 Days of my life in France -Day 109

365 Days of my life in France 

 and here is a new page in  my life 
i want to document one memory in a photo 
each day for 365 days .
its a big challenge but it is worth it
capturing a beautiful moment and keeping it with you 
                                                  is just so amazing it is like a story for every day.

Nice houses on the side of the river Tardoire at the Rochefoucault,
to move from their houses the tenants uses the small boats parked just near the place


  1. They can also use the road on the other side of their houses :) Boats are mostly used for fishing.

    By the way, it is La Rochefoucauld with a D,

  2. Thank you Antoine for the additional info, for the Rochefoucauld(T) it be writter either way so i will let you french people debate on the spelling.thanks for passing by my blog :)


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