Thursday, April 7, 2011

La Nature Couleur

Inspired by the happy weather, here is what i came up with my painting session today .

Acrylic on Paper 


  1. Oh wow... Very, very nice!!!!
    May I just make one observation: I think the signature at the bottom is too long and too big and stands out too much. The eye goes towards it and takes away from the picture :-)

  2. WAW...that's very nice!! Keep it up!!

  3. You did this??? OMG this is beautiful!!!!

  4. Really nice !
    What caught my eye was the "today".
    You did this casually on your free time in one day ?!

  5. hello my dear readers, i am so trilled with all your positive and encouraging comments, thank you all
    Yes i did this yesterday in a session of 4 hours, i had a good feeling about it, the only thing if i knew it will be so nice i would have worked on a bigger format.


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