Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Somewhere Far from the Tour Eiffel ????

 If you are on a long trip to France or you live in Paris  and want to go on a gateway far from the condescend and crowded touristic places like the heart of Paris, Champs Elysee's , Tour Eiffel, Mont Mart and many other places .... You should head to Brittany " Bretagne " in french , in the North West of France

The historical province of Brittany is divided into five departments: Finistère in the west, Cotes-D'Armor in the north, Ille-et-Villaine in the north east, the loire-Atlantique in the south east and Morbihan in the south Bay of Biscay .
Where we went couple of weeks ago to see a bit of Sun and the sea in a small village called Arzon .After 5 hours drive we finally reached to a charming place, Stunning natural landscapes, far from the madding crowd it was us and the  nature...
Feeling the wind, observing the birds and walking on the our case was relaxing .

but here is a list of the things that you can do over there 
There is a wide  range of activities and things to do while visiting, also it depends on the mood and the reason of the visit and the season .

Nautical activity
1- The Week of the Gulf " La semaine du golf: a maritime festival takes place and it is the destination for an exceptional gathering , from the spectacular yacht all the way to the traditional boat from 30 Mai to 5 June 2011.more info


2-Follow the route " Des Ducs des Bretagne "
 On the way of this route there is an outstanding reminder of Rhuys Peninsula's medieval history :Scuscino Castle which was built in the 13th century between the sea and the forest at the heart of the vast hunting preserve.Every summer a Historical show takes place "Les spectacles Historiques " where you can see flamboyant costumes and impressive sound and light show .

3-A walk in its narrow streets is the best way to appreciate this charming port, watching the fishing and pleasure boats dancing on the sea water, observing, listening, enjoying nature.

4-Discover the Islands in the Gulf of Morhiban
According to an ancient legend there are exactly 365 islands in the gulf .What a better way to enjoy the beauty of coastline of the Rhuys Peninsula than from the deck of an old sailing ship

 5-Nautical Sports
Throughout the year the nautical clubs and schools of Arzon offer a wide range of activities including regattas and teaching children how to sail .You can choose between single or tow handed dinghies, catamarans,wind surfing ,sea kayaking,cruises and sailing trips.

6-The Breiz Sand Tour
Port Navalo in Arzon will host The " Breizh Sable Tour " This summer so when not bathing and not catching crabs your kids can meet with Laurent Dragon a sand sculpturer, where he will be on the beach for a week teaching children aged 7 and over the art of sculpting sands ( Participation is free ) More info 

these are some of the activities available
I will let you discover the rest



  1. Wow this looks like a hell of a place to visit!!
    And the pics are awesome. It really makes me wanna go there!!!!

  2. WAW... it looks really interesting!!

  3. Yes Janine and Chantal that is the point i want to make you guys come over here, it is a very relaxing place you should visit if you had the chance there is so many things to do.

  4. Dear Suad it will be my pleasure to see you when you visit, can't wait


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