Monday, May 30, 2011

The Dream of Fahim Fehmeh

 When i think of Lebanon i have so  many memories, beautiful, happy, sad and scary well the list is long. but one thing that i am very sure of is my LOVE to Lebanon.
It is true that my blog talks a bit of art, jewelry and psychology also mainly about France through the 365 days photos project of France but this is only because i am currently living here.

  Today i will talk to you about a happening in Lebanon and a personality that i discovered on the  Blog  of a very talented Lebanese Illustrator Janine Khawand
Mr. Fahim Fehmeh,  a man of the people, embodies love and compassion.
he is honest , he loves his country, its traditions and its honors .

Once  Fahim Fehmeh Said : I HAVE A DREAM, LEBANON.
How deep is the meaning of his words 
I am sure that everyone of us have deep down of his heart a dream for Lebanon.
Well i personally do, that is why today i am talking about Fahim Fehmeh.

The Dream-project of Fahim Fehmeh is :
To make Lebanon a better place,
To face all the difficulties, the life experiences, together as one hand  towards a better Today , a better Tomorrow starting from today.
To help the youth and the children of tomorrow,  fulfill their hopes, dreams and their objectives in life
To help the people reach their wish to be a united  a country -to be the dream country

The list of Fahim Fehmeh is very long but it is all for the good , it is the HOPE , so choose hope because once you choose HOPE, anything is possible.

Fahim Fehmeh gave you a lot. And it is now time for you to give back a little.
He needs your vote now.
All it takes is a click: Press "Like" to vote for him.

ينطلق فهيم فهمي من قاعدة اساسية و هي تحويل التراكمات الحياتية و التجارب الغنية الى مشروع وطني يعبر من خلاله الى الدولة القادرة القوية العصيّة على التحديّات.
و من هنا يتميّز مشروعه المستقبلي القابل للتحقيق في أي مكان أو زمان بانه مشروع فريد من نوعه في المنطقة يقوم على تلبية متطلبات الشباب و تحقيق آمالهم و تطلعاتهم الى وطن يحلمون به واحدا موحّدا في مواجهة الاعاصير القادمة و صخرة منيعة في درب كل الاعادي.
هذه هي نظرة فهيم فهمي لوطن المستقبل و للارض التي تنبت القصائد في زمن التردّي.

Enjoy a song from Fahim Fehmeh favorite Singer Fairouz

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