Wednesday, August 17, 2011

La Maseillaise of Francois Rude

I always admired the work of Francois Rude a french sculptor , so i have chosen as theme to study  " la Marseillaise " one of the four main sculptures of the monument "Arc de Triomphe " made by Rude that is also called " Le Départ de 1792 "

The original sculpture by Rude
,you can  also see it in the Louvre Museum 

and here is my version of this sculpture


  1. Thank you Chanty, this one was quite hard but i am happy with the results

  2. hey hey i am back... wawwww you're good! i wonder did a take too much time? i believe it was hard to reproduce it

  3. Welcome, thank you for your comment, this one was really very hard to make, it took, i think more then one month, but i like it a lot it was worth working on it :)


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