Monday, August 1, 2011

Lets make 350 millions Arabs Proud

 Lets make 350 millions Arabs Proud and contribute to reduce the negative stereotype about Arabs all over the world.

HOW ???

 TAKREEM Arab Achievement Awards

The mission of TAKREEM is to honor all the Arab achievers who excelled in almost every country in the world, as individuals or organization ,acting as a platform for these outstanding men and women with success stories to tell..

First time I heard about TAKREEM I was so happy and excited that this kind project is being created to honor the Arab achievers, but most of all i was  thrilled to the fact that i can participate in this event by being an ambassador to  this meaningful  project .

TAKREEM was founded in 2009 by Ricardo Karam who had a vision that by rewarding outstanding Arab excellence and leadership worldwide, will contribute towards restoring Arab pride and inspire the present and future generations of young Arabs.

Through TAKREEM I discovered great Arab achievers to my surprise even young Arabs who have done great thing.

You can also be part of the TAKREEM project by being an ambassador or recommending a nominee,you can choose them by visiting the facebook page or clicking on the link below and  according to the category of your choice suggest a name or an Arab organization

The TAKREEM Arab achievment awards categories for 2011Are :

For more information you can also visit the official website of  TAKREEM AWARDS 


  1. This is a great idea and I love the category titles!

  2. i guess so they are trying to do something different, the idea is to make people involved, by nominating people in their region whom they think they deserve the TAKREEM Award,it can be anywhere in the world, like this we will recognize the hidden talent and put the light on their achievement, i think it is a great idea.


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