Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kinderhut, a bond beyond barriers

 You can make a difference

The Kinderhut Foundation is an International NGO (Non-governmental organization), registered in Indonesia.
The Start :
A team of doctors went to  Sri Lanka on the 31th of December 2004 to attend the surviving Tsunami victims.

The story of Kinderhut begins in 2004 around a coffee table in Dubai, where a group of doctors and professionals, shaken like most of the world by the recent Tsunami disaster, decided to pull up their sleeves and help the victims. Not satisfied with the emergency medical aid they offered the survivors in the worst hit areas of Sri Lanka and Indonesia, they returned with a determination to make a bigger difference. In less than a year, in August 2005, the foundation for the maiden Kinderhut Village was laid in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
 The initiative from offering just an emergency aid to the Tsunami victims was developed to a more long-term  support project .The Tsunami has left countless orphan children and parents who lost their children, destitute women.Thus was born the idea of Kinderhut Village Indonesia and women in Tsunami affected areas.
Amazingly with all the donations, a land of 10,000 square meter was bought and with the growing number of the volunteers and the sponsors, they succeded to build the Kinderhut Village.At present Kinderhut Village caters up to 132 orphaned children 20 mothers in 14 homes.Almost 7 years now, but all the efforts does not stop here, specially with the increasing number of the children, last month 22 new children joined Kinderhut due to the closure of a local orphanage
 YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE,Today kinderhut needs your help and support.
You can sponsor a child , or a family or even a full hut

Running Cost: 
US $
Sponsor a Child
Sponsor 5 Children + 1 mother
Sponsor a Hut (10 Children + 2 mothers)

 There are many ways to Help and support Kinderhut, if you are a blogger you can spread the word, you can volunteer,  be creative and find your own way to make the difference to those children lives.

for more infomation about the Kinderhut foundation please visite the website
or Fan their Facebook page Kinderhut International :

For sponsorship or queries about sponsorship you can email at the following adresses :

or the Kinderhut Paypal account  

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