Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This is Lebanon

Happy Independence day ya Lebanan ya watani lebanan
This is Lebanon , this is my country that i love so much.
Today i wanted to share with you a glimpse of Lebanon, there is so much more than just those photos to show you the beauty of this place, it is true that it is a tiny land with 10452 km2 but each inch of this land is a heaven on earth. What i learnt from my country and the people of my country is that no matter how hard life can get, we should always stand up and walk again .
enjoy the photos,the great scenery, the mountains, the beach not the mention the great tabbouleh.


  1. men7ebak ya lebnan w shta2nelik mimi yalla hope to see u soon ;)

  2. Hi Maria. I didn't realize you are from Lebanon! Thank you for sharing these photos so I could learn more about the beauty of Lebanon. I hope you are well. :-)


  3. Hi Debi, thank you for your lovely comment, i am glad you enjoyed the post, and hope you are doing well also.

  4. I love Lebanon and the food!!!!!!!!


  5. Ema thank you for your comment, Lebanon is really great


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