Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tiger's Eye Gemstone

Tiger Eye, or Oeil de Tigre :

Description :Is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock
Color: Tiger eye has a rich yellow and golden brown stripes, with a fine golden luster when polished.
Group/Family : the Tiger Eye belongs to the quartz family, it is a classic example of psyeudomophous replacement by silica of fibrous crocidolite, an incompletely silicified blue variant is called Hawk's eye that causes a cat's eye effects known as chantoyancy.
Category : Mineral 
Cristal : rhombohedral
Chemical formula :Silica (silicon dioxide, SiO2)
Mohs Scale : 7
Mine : the tiger eye is mined primary in South Africa, and Western Australia, but you can also find it in Burma, US( California), India, Namibia.

      It is amazing how gazing at gemstones can be great, recently i got a project  that includes tiger's eye gem, I had the stones with me, I couldn't stop rolling it under the light to see the different aspects of this stones, the variety of the colors that comes along with it chatoyancy a vertical luminescent band like the tigers eye that moves along with the light, it is very beautiful. Jewelry designing goes far beyond then just a beautiful piece it is much more than that, the use of gemstones from prehistory until now had really different meanings than just an ornamental piece. It is said that the Tigers eye aside its use in jewelry pieces has :
Mystical powers that  helps focusing the mind, promoting mental clarity, stabilizing the mood swings  and strengthening the self confidence.
healing powers  it is used for psychosomatic illness-high blood pressure -heart disease
Its Zodiac : Is Capricorn
Planet : Sun
Element : Fire, Earth


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