Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fluorite gem and pearls

Diamonds are very nice to gaze in with a loop or even without a loop, but precious and semi-precious stones is yet another story, the effects and unlimited colors that provides different mixtures of minerals takes you to a world out of this world, I enjoy gazing at stones, and more I learn about stones I realize that there is so much more to learn.
For many years I enjoyed creating concepts for bridal and high end parrures, it is and still an amazing journey. Just a couple of months ago I got some semi precious stones from Honk Kong, a Fluorite along other stones, I loved it so much , a simple mineral with an electric color between green and purple, so I decided to make a necklace out of it, not only to create it the concept, but making it myself, so a gathered the materials I have in my workshop and the stones that I had, made some sketches and started the work.
Making the jewelry yourself gives a whole other dimension to the design itself, specially if you are making it for you, it is important to touch the stone to feel what kind of effect that gives you, image where or how you have to wear it, this is a process I usually do with my clients to understand more their personality in order to be able to merge it into the design that will be made for them.
Since it is springtime and it is all flowery I decided to name it : Fleurie. I love flowers, and colors, and who doesn't love it, it just gives a sunshine to the soul. So to give the necklace the flowery effect I used pearls my favorite stones and some green crystals that I found  in my small atelier, I enjoyed making this necklace piece by piece its colors made me happy, It is really a springtime necklace.

More on the Fluorite stone :
Description :Fluorite is a mineral, known for its reputation as " the most colorful mineral in the world "
Color :It naturally occurs in all colors of the spectrum, some of the stones are very intense in color, yellow, purple, green, red, pink, gray, black,blue,brown, white.
Group/Family : Fluorite belongs to the spar family.
Category : Mineral
Cristal : Isometric, Cubic octahedral
Chemical Formula :  Calcium fluoride, ( CaF2)
Mohs Scale : 4, it is a very soft stone that is why it is advisable to use it only in making pendants, earrings, and necklaces.
Fluorescence : very intense, blue-violet,
Mine : Canada, Austria, China, France,Germany, England,Spain, Russia, Namibia,Switzerland, Morocco, Mexico, United States.
Mystical powers : They say fluorite gemstone is a powerful healer, helps energize the chakras in your body, helps bring spiritual peace and wholeness
Healing powers : It can be used as a meditation stone, to give more energy to the body and help raise the power of concentration.

Name of the piece :" Fleurie 
A hand made necklace by me for me 
Stones : Fluorite with violet, green color, pearls and green crystals .

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