Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rodin The FLesh The Marble

Trailer of the exhibition Rodin, flesh and marble par Musee_Rodin

September 2 was a special day, like every first Sunday of the month, in France, some of the museums will have open doors to everyone to come and see.
I love this initiative, our choice for this month was Musée Rodin, I love this museum, so rich with the movements and details we see in each and every sculptures.
During the periode spanning 2012-1214,the Musee Rodin has lunched an extensive programme of renovation in the hotel Biron, home to the permanent collections since the mueum first opened to the public in 1919.

During the work of renovation that will be going on at the Hotel Biron, there is an exceptional exhibition  "Rodin, The Flesh, The Marble ".It started from June 8, 2012 and will last until March 3, 2013 .
It is a must see exhibition, there is over sixty marble statues and preparatory studies, many of them are from private collections,

The studies of the models started with plaster, it was nice to see the process of the work from A to Z,placing the marks of reference on the plaster model( nails, small holes, crosses, penciled signs).

I can't get enough from Rodin's work, and his passion that is showing very clearly in his work, The hands of God marble was just so amazing, I just stood there for a while breathless, unfortunately in this section of the museum taking photos was not allowed, but you can see some of the works in the trailer above.

Never worked with marble but for me it stays a mysterious and meticulous work to be done,I admire Rodin's work it is just a vitamin for my  eyes .

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