Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The New Neighbors Are Creators

To enjoy you Paris, you have to be light packed, flat shoes, a small bottle of water and if your someone like me who enjoys saving the moments, a camera always packed in your bag.
While having a lovely walk with  a friend  around  St Michel in Paris, we end it up in Chatelet in a street called place Saint Opportun  where we discovered a very live and colorful  shop, with so many artistic work. Curious to discover more we entered the place, the shop name was "Espace Saint Opportune" and the idea behind this shop is gathering, designer and creators, from different backgrounds and arts under the tag line "Les nouveaux voisins sont des createurs" , "the new neighbors are creators"

There  we met Takumi and Wanaka, two Japanese jewelry designers living in France

Takumi gets her inspirations from books, and history, we found in her collection, themes like the Egyptian ancient traditions and the Egyptian scarab,the most  interesting  in her designs the way she interpret them into the jewelry using mainly laiton material (kind of bronze) and semi precious stones
her brands name is IMUKA TIMUKA Paris.
 Takumi studied fashion design at studio Berco in Paris and created her brand in 2009

Wakana Ikeda, has a totally different story, she travels all Europe during the year, searching for antique and vintage pieces.
Pieces, from keys, to watches, to medals, anything that can come to your mind, and then she transforms them into an antique, vintage jewelry piece, each piece is totally unique and has its own story, amazing journey of creativity

Wakana created her brand in 2011, the concept of her designs is based on "SAI :31" which is also her brand name, Sai has 2 meanings in Japanese  " Again ", re-use, re-birth and re-generation .
What is more interesting in the name that it is the sound of each of the numbers 3 and  1.
3 is the San in Japanese , and 1 is Ichi , Sa (n) I (Chi ).

 Even the display materials are vintage or antique pieces, that Wanada found during her travels

 This watch is a mechanical watch, antique piece made into pendante

 the story of this pencil, is amazing, it goes to the 19th century, and she made a pendant out of it, just so amazing, this was one of my favorite pieces

 Takumi and Wakana, will be exhibiting along with other talented artists again in " Espace Saint Opportune"
from 22 to 28 octobre
       &   12 to 25 November 
From Monday to sunday, starting 11 am until 8 pm 
Metro Chatelet

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