Monday, February 4, 2013

The world of Isabelle Raffard's sculpture

Isabelle Raffard, born in Normandie in 1954, artist and sculptor fascinated by the world of animals, and likes to interpret them in her sculptures in each and  every aspects of their character, movements and shapes.
 Inspired by Eugène Bouddin, Isabelle was brought up in a family who loved art and attend regularly exhibitions.

When she moved to Boulogne-billancourt, Isabelle attended a sculpture class, this is where she became passionate about this art and very quickly animals became her favourite subject.
Winner of many prises, a  Bronze medal at  the "salon des artistes français à paris " in 2004
 the First prize in " Boulogne Billancourt  "for the best sculpture of the city in 2010

Isabelle talks passionnatly about her sculptures. When sculpting an animal she goes beyond its anatomy, she becomes very invested in her subject, she reads a lot  to understand its  caractere, its strenght, its mouvements and shape .
Isabelle has special relationship with her animals, sculpting for her goes far more then representing only the form of her animals but its also a description  its behaviour, its habits and its different postures.
Her style is sensitive yet powerful they depict the life force of an animal in all of its visual splendor.
Enjoy the photos from Isabelle Raffard sculptures and stay tune for more info about her exhibitions .


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