Saturday, March 9, 2013

Crochet Yoga or Crochet Therapy ?

Smiley face crochet blanket

Sometimes  life can be bitter but  I think this is what makes it sweet after all, i mean how can we know the sweet when we don't know the bitter.

Even though throughout the years I found different forms of art to manage my stress, sometimes to go through life's bitterness you need to find the form that suits you, it doesn't have to be technically correct, or  beautiful what matters is the form of it, therefore you don't have to be an artist or a talented person to try this way

For me the crochet was a kind of a revelation, I could never imagine myself doing it, I always had that prejudice that doing crochet or knitting was made for grandmother, and mums who are expecting...
But in fact crochet can be for everyone even men :).

This repetitive movements and the counting in small sequence has its magic way to put a person into a meditative state sometimes even into some kind of trans.

For me it has been a CrochetYoga and a Crochet therapy at the same time.
While  the colourful yarn grows slowly between  your hands, the stress energy transforms it into a soothing  form. It is like taking the same shape as the repetitive anxious thinking and fading it away with a similar repetitive form only this is soothing because it doesn't intensify the negative thought
I see it exactly the same way when your are stressed you tend to  figit your leggs in order to evacuate the stress or even tolerate it . Crochet is figitting your hands that leads the you to evacuate the negative energy of your body into a form that is positive and makes you smile when the project is done.

here are some of my crochet works

Remember my blog post about  the healing power of crochet ?
Well here is the result of the flowers that I was making it turned out to be a very nice bag,

Souvenez-vous de mon article sur l'effet thérapeutique du crochet ?
Et bien voilà le résultat des fleurs que j'avais faite, ça c'est transformer en un joli sac.

crochet flower bag


  1. These designs are very soothing to the eyes. These are very cute and I wish I could have one for myself. You're very creative, Maria. Keep up the good work!

    Henry Jordan

  2. Hi Henry,thank you, I really enjoyed working on these projects and it is quite easy to make, you just have to know the basics crochet then pick a pattern, it is very easy to find on internet or local book stores .
    Granny squares are very easy to make you will see it will be great playing with colors :) have a great day :)


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